Somehow on my journey a path in the woods became my church...walking my ritual...dreams and drawings my stained-glass windows...writing my testament.

03.29.1985  |  i dreamt i was one of a group of people seeking initiation...upon arriving i see another group already there start to leave...i notice a woman—one of the initiates—she and i go in and meet an older woman who tells us her energy level is low after the ceremony that has just ended...i look for a long time at the face of the woman with me and realize she doesn't resemble anyone i know...the three of us look out at the moon on the is huge—i can clearly see craters and other surface features...a waxing moon—nearly full—darkening as we watch it set and we continue to see all of it... somehow we look over the horizon

07.29.1993  |  i dreamt of looking up at a mountain and sensing something above it...i see craters and realize it is the seems very close and unbelievably huge...i raise my right arm and a white owl flies down from the moon and lands on my hand